Grounded Theory As A Qualitative Research Methodology

Grounded Theory As A Qualitative Research Methodology


Grounded theory as a qualitative research methodology qualitative research methods reflects an inductive mode of analysis or a process of moving from specific observations to a general theory.’ This mode of analysis is in contrast to quantitative research methods, which rely on deductive thinking or a process of moving from a general theory to specific observations. 

Grounded theory, a mode of inductive analysis, can be thought of as a theory that is derived from or “grounded” in everyday experiences. Grounded theory strategies first were reported and attributed to sociologists Barney Glaser and Anselm Strauss in 1967. The foundations of grounded theory are embedded in symbolic interactionism, which assumes that one’s communications and actions express meaning.

Research Method

Grounded theory’s data sources include all resources that yield information regarding social interaction. Data may be collected by observing and recording interactions, examining written documentation and literature, or obtaining perspectives from various people involved in the social interaction. How and when a review of literature is performed is debated by grounded theory scholars.

The method used to reach a grounded theory is termed the constant comparative method. During data collection, data usually are analyzed concurrently. As the data are analyzed, the researcher searches for a core variable, which will serve as the foundation for theory generation. 

Research Report

A research report has many purposes, including communicating research findings. For grounded theory research, the report also describes the theory derived from research. The report should include information regarding how data were collected and analyzed, as well as the concepts that were generated. Guidelines for critiquing grounded theory research have been outlined by researchers.


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