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 Purpose of the book

Crisis Intervention Strategies

The main purpose of this book is to present the therapeutic advice applied in general and the intervention of crisis in a particular way in a way that effectively describes real strategies to relieve the crisis. In my experience, most customers entering advice or psychotherapy do so due to some kind of crisis in their lives. Although "preventive" advice is ideal, the personal crisis generally provides the impetus that drives real clients to contact a person of help. I have struggled to provide a perspective in this book that puts it in the crisis situation as it happens, which allows you to experience what crisis workers are experiencing as they operate.

Justification: The primacy of crisis intervention 

The Chinese characters embedded in the design on the cover of this book and at the beginning of each chapter symbolize "danger" and "opportunity". Such is the essence of the crisis, the human dilemma that is common to all cultures. I think that practically all advice begins with crisis intervention. 

As much as help professionals prefer otherwise, people tend to avoid presenting their problems to an assistant until these problems have grown up to crisis proportions or to settle into situational dilemmas that end in unforeseen crises. Our ideal objective, such as human service workers, is to establish primary prevention programs so effective that crisis intervention will rarely be needed. 

However, people are not so fast to adopt preventive measures for their psychological health as for their physical health. Therefore, I believe that crisis intervention strategies can be applied in practically all advice and psychotherapy, not only in crisis situations. From that perspective, I consider that this book is applicable to the total scope of the help relationship field.

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