Books Theories Of Personality

 Everyone has one

Book Theories Of Personality

Everyone has one, and yours will help determine the limits of success, happiness, and satisfaction in their lives. We are talking about personality; It is not exaggerated to affirm that his personality is one of his most important assets. He has already helped shape his life and will continue to do so in the future. Everything he has achieved so far, everything he expects to achieve in his career, whether he is a good spouse or father, and even his general state of health can be influenced by his personality and the personalities of the people with whom you Reciprocity. 

Your personality can limit or expand your options and options in life. You can avoid sharing certain experiences with other people which will allow you to make the most. It can restrict and restrict some people and open the world of experience to others. How often has someone who has an excellent personality described? With that, it generally means that the person is affable, pleasant, pleasant to be close and easy to get along with, the type of person who could select for a friend, roommate, or colleague at work.

 If you are a manager, you can choose to hire this person. If you are ready to commit to a personal relationship, you may want to marry this person and base your decision on your perception of your personality. You have also met people to describe as a terrible personalities. Such people can be distant, hostile, aggressive, hostile, unpleasant, or difficult to carry. He would not hire them or want to partner with them and can be rejected, rejected, and isolated similarly by others. 

While you are emitting judgments about other people's personalities, they are emitting similar judgments about you. These mutual decisions that shape the life of the courts and the judges are taken countless times, every time we find a social situation that requires that we interact with new people. Of course, the number and variety of social situations in which they participate voluntarily are also determined by their personality, for example, their relative sociability or shyness. You know where that factor describes, as you undoubtedly have a reasonably clear image of your general personality.

Describing your personality

Of course, it is simple and easy to try to summarize the total constellation of someone's personality through the use of terms as diffuse as excellent and terrible. The issue of personality is too complex for such a simplified description because humans are too complex and changeable in different situations and with different people. We need to be more precise in our language to properly define and describe personality. 

For that reason, psychologists have dedicated considerable effort to developing evidence to evaluate or evaluate personality. He may believe that he does not need any psychological proof to tell him what his personality is like and, in general, he can be right. After all, you probably know yourself better than anyone. If he is asked to list the words that best describe his personality, he could certainly do it without thinking too much.

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