The Scientific Method In Health Research

Method In Health Research

Research methods as a way to gain knowledge or solve a problem, basically using the scientific method. The scientific method first introduced by John Dewey is a library of deductive-inductive thought processes for problem-solving. John Dewey in his book How We Think (\9 \ 0) says that the steps of solving a problem are as follows

  1. Feeling the existence of a problem or difficulty, and this problem or difficulty requires solving needs.
  2. Announce and or resolve issues. In this case, observations are needed to gather facts related to the problem.
  3. Try to propose solutions to problems/difficulties in the form of hypotheses. These hypotheses are statements based on a thought or generalization to explain the facts about the cause of the problem.
  4. Formulate the reasons and consequences of the hypothesis formulated deductively.
  5. Study the hypotheses put forward, based on facts collected through investigation or research. In addition, there are several ways that can be done to solve this problem. This last step can then be formulated by solving the problems that have been formulated.

Criteria Of The Scientific Method

a. Based On Facts

Information or information to be obtained by research, whether to be collected or analyzed should be based on facts or information, not based on own thoughts or guesses.

b. Free from prejudice

The use of facts or data in the scientific method should be based on complete and objective evidence, free from subjective considerations. Therefore, the scientific method must be free from prejudices or conjectures.

c. using the principle of analysis

Facts or data obtained through the use of the scientific method are not just what they are. These facts and events must be sought for their causes or reasons by using the principle of analysis.

d. using the hypothesis

This is one of the most effective ways to solve this problem. With the research hypothesis, his mind will be guided in the direction where the results of his research will be analyzed.

e. Using objective measures

Research or data collection must use objective measures. The measure should not be expressed based on subjective (personal) considerations.

Steps of the scientific method

The general steps of the scientific method according to Almack mentioned above can be utilized as follows:

a. Selecting and/or identifying problems

Therefore, careful thoughts are needed. We have to read a lot of books, both studying the theory and the results of other research. Field experiences are also very helpful in the selection of research problems.

b. Setting Research Goals

After the problem is selected (defined), further the purpose of the study is formulated. Information about what will be done through the study.

c. Literary Studies

To obtain theoretical support for the selected research problem, the researcher needs to read a lot of literature, both in the form of textbooks (theory) and the results of other people's research, magazines, journals, and so on. From the study of literature or often people call theoretical review, the root makes it easier to formulate the framework of the research concept.

d. announcing the research concept framework

If you want to get more information, please contact us for more information. Concepts and variables to be measured (investigated).

e. Formulate Hypotheses

In order for the analysis of the study to be directed, it is necessary to formulate hypotheses in advance. The hypothesis is essentially a temporary assumption of the relationship variables to be studied.

f. Formulate Research Methods

In formulating this research method includes the types and methods of research to be used, population, and research samples, methods (methods) and measuring instruments (data collectors), as well as data processing and analysis plans.

g. Data Collection

The data are collected based on the manner and tools of data collection as published in this book as well.

h. manage and analyze data

Once the data is collected then the next stage is to manage and with the help of computers.

i. Make A Report

A research report is basically the presentation of data. The research report will be presented data on the results of the study.


Notoatmodjo, S. (2010). Notoatmodjo s Health Research Methodology, editor. Jakarta: PT. Rineka Cipta.

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