Objectives and Benefits of Health Research

 Health Research 

Health Research Objectives

The purpose of Health/Medical Research is closely related to the type of research to be carried out. The purpose of exploratory research is different from development research, different from verification research purposes, as well as basic research, will another purpose with Applied Research, Action Research, and different from Evaluation Research. 

But in general, the purpose of all types of Health Research, among others, is:

  1. Find or test new facts or old facts in relation to the field of health or medicine.
  2. Conduct an analysis of the relationship or interaction between facts found in the field of health or medicine.
  3. Explain the facts found and their relationship with existing theories.
  4. Develop new tools, theories, or concepts in the field of Health/Medicine that provide the possibility for the improvement of Public Health in particular, and the improvement of the welfare of mankind in general.

Other opinions classify the purpose of Health/medical research into three, namely:

  1. To discover new theories, concepts, and/or generalizations about health or medicine.
  2. To improve or modify the theory, system, or program of Health/Medical Services.
  3. To strengthen existing theories, concepts, systems, or generalizations.

Benefits Of Health Research

The benefits of research in every field of life or discipline are enormous in every development of the field of life or discipline itself. Similarly, health research has great benefits in improving health services. With health research, it will be possible to know various factors, both those that inhibit and those that support the improvement of health or health services of individuals and groups, and communities.

In order to develop a health system, good and careful planning is needed. Careful planning requires accurate information and data is needed relevant research assistance. Briefly, the benefits of study1 health can be identified as follows: 

  1. Research results can be used to describe the state or health status of individuals, groups, and communities.
  2. The results of Health Research can be used to describe the ability of resources, and the possibility of these sources to support the development of planned health services.
  3. The results of Health Research can be used as a means of diagnosis in finding the cause of health problems, or failures that occur in the health care system. This will facilitate the search for alternative solutions to these problems.
  4. The results of Health Research can be used as a means to develop wisdom in developing strategies for the development of health care systems.
  5. The results of Health Research can describe the ability of the financing, equipment, and labor both in quantity and quality to support the health system.


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