Benefits of research theory in various studies

Theory becomes important. 

A researcher supports his research question based on theory. Is the problem raised in the research that the theory defends or not? 

How many theories talk about the problem. If in this study, a researcher raises a problem to study, and the researcher has found theoretical support, then this theory will guide the researchers to explore the field problem based on measurable guidelines, for example through instruments. Often referred to as data collection instruments (IPD). 

At the very least, the benefit of theory in this study is to explain and predict phenomena occurring in the field or to predict observed schemes and estimate possible relationships. 

With a theory built by a researcher, it is possible to measure problems on the ground-based on the theory built by experts based on the theory. In other words, the gap between the theory built by experts and the conditions/realities in the field leads to the birth of the problem to be studied.

A. Division of theory 

Can be divided into several types of research theory, namely meta-theory (metatheories), large theory, average range theory (average range theory), small theory, and expert theory. If illustrated, the position of type theory is as follows:

1) Meta-theory 

Is a theory used to delve critically into the framework of theoretical research carried out to provide guidance for researchers and research carried out, as well as theories arising from searches in several fields of study? 

For Muslim researchers, it is usually a meta-theory that the main (big) theory comes from the Koran and Al-Hadith. As a meta-theory, the Qur'an and the Hadith are the foundations of justification to explain the concepts built in a study.

2) Grand-theory 

Is a great theory born from experts who have a great reputation for scientific research/writing? This theory would be a great theory (great theory) because it has triggered great events in the field of research/writing, for example, 

The theory of education in education by Benjamin S. Bloom, the theory of education as torture by Paulo Freire, the theory of this ground round by Galileo Galilei, Albert Einstein's theoretical relativity, with Charles Darwin's theory of revolution surprised by saying that man comes from AVES and other major theories.

3) class theory (Middle range theory)

In general, it is understood as a theory born by experts to explain/criticize the great theory (great theory) built by experts. This theory of the middle class is open to a wider opportunity to criticize the theory built by The Thinker figures in the great theory. 

Some are profitable and some are unprofitable. Supporting parties are generally called disciples, while those who do not support birth generally give a new theory as integration of previously built theories, so the mind is often a grandmother. 

Examples of this middle distance, this theory is an expert notice of the use of one of the theories of the kingdom of education by Benjamin S. Bloom in education stated that the field of Education consists of three, namely cognitive, compassion, and psychomotor Sphere.

4) Small theory 

Is a theory used by experts to explain the theory of average range theory? Minor theories generally detail some minor theories that are constructed. For example, in explaining the emotional theory, the student must be personal or moral. 

From the perspective of experts regarding this little theory (little theory), it details that many factors influence why students have good character/morals / not. The experts detail some of the factors that influence it e.g. the ideology adopted by a nation where students reside, Indonesian moral character/children differs from American morality/character, etc.

5)Expert theory

Is a theory often used by researchers to explain things from the point of view of the experts themselves. In general, the reviews of these experts are written in journals, newsletters, seminars, scientific books, and so on. The opinion of experts or experts/experts is a personal opinion based on the experience, knowledge, and research he does. 

However, the degree of truth depends largely on the degree of freedom of the theory derived from the experience, knowledge, and research that it has done.

In the research, if the research has been realized, the theory was revealed in the form of meta-theory, largely theoretical, coastal average theory, from the theory of experts or from the theory of experts will be the basis of research. 

The determination of the concept, variable, or research problem must be supported by existing theories. In order for research to be directed, which theory must be ready to be used as a basis in theory. 

For example, if we want to talk about gifts, it must be known in advance that talking about these gifts, what is their point of view and if these experts/experts are the same. It is necessary to categorize the views of this expert so that the theory that has been built can be understood in what position and explain what

From there, it can be seen that the role of theory in the theoretical framework of this study is to explain the internal width/availability studied by the researchers so that the point of view of the researchers in conducting the search becomes wide. 

If at this point, the researcher has no difficulty in using the existing theory, the existing theory must then be theoretically debated, then we point to the theory used. If the theory used is considered sufficient/complete, the next step should be told in the actual search setting. For more details, the process of using the theory and preparation of the theoretical framework can be seen in the following stream:


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