Counselor awareness (Counseling is an activity that is traditionally)

Counselor awareness

Counseling is an activity that is traditionally related to white, homogeneous, western (Sue, 1992) society. Anything that is associated mainly with one culture is monocultural or monoculturalism. In the United States, some people have used this concept to imply that western culture which is white, and homogeneous, is "true" and is superior to other cultures. 

I was fortunate to be able to live for one year in Honduras and twelve years in Seoul, South Korea. In both places, I was surprised and ashamed of the superior attitude that was displayed by Americans. 

They are often hard and demand citizens. Even if unintentional, the attitude that is communicated is self -focus and superiority. According to Sue, ethnocentrism, the attitude that groups themselves (culture, society, etc.) are inherent inherent superior to others, forming the basis of our traditional counseling theory and psychotherapy. 

In addition, ethnocentric attitude defines what is normal and abnormal in counseling and psychotherapy and creates an atmosphere that maintains the belief that differences cannot be tolerated. Many people feel comfortable, successful, and safe with this perspective - in particular, people who create "rules." 

Many misunderstandings between dominant American cultural groups and people from other cultures are associated with dominant group members who believe that everyone like them or at least must be like them. Many people in this group assume that "Everyone shares our views about the world." 

People who tend to assume similarities also tend not to have the desire to understand people who are socially different or culturally from themselves. 

Consciously or unconsciously, people who are guilty for assuming similarities usually do not want to change. 

Change, when it happens, occurs as a result of long -term immersion in culture or groups that are different from their own contacts, or long -term with someone or person different from yourself.

The needs of advisors to realize their own culture and population group to serve people from various groups and more effective groups and cultures are the concern that develops for all advisors in the United States, regardless of culture. 

There are several reasons related to demographicly for this concern: Increasing mobility, growth of racial and ethnic minority groups, recognition that the community consists of various groups, aging white white populations, and decreased birth rates among American white people.

This first reason is the increasing mobility of people in the world. The emergence of telephone, television, airplane, radio, computers, fax machines, emails, and other more recent technologies can be accessed even in the most remote corners on earth. 

The state and people do not operate separately. Progress throughout the world in technology promotes the relationship and interdependence, thus demanding greater cultural awareness. 

Over the past few years in Korea, I have experienced a dramatic increase in the ability to communicate with family and business partners in other parts of the world. And the cost of transworld communication has declined dramatically as well. 

Progress in communication technology coupled with increasing travel throughout the world certainly contributes to a sense of global linkages.

Population groups are related to the growth rate of minority groups and the same recognition of diversity in the United States. The 2000 census shows that the total proportion of American white population in the United States fell from 80.3% in 1990 to 75.1% in 2000 (US Census Bureau, 2000). 

This fact, combined with aging American white population, and a decrease in the birth rate of American white skin are three striking indicators that the growing population segment may not receive or respond positively to the form of counseling and majority -based therapy. We, as a counselor, are responsible


Mwombela, B. (2019). Multicultural Competency of Pre-Service School Counseling Students: Exploratory Factor Analysis of the Multicultural Counseling Competency Training Survey-Revised.

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