Implementation of Collaborative Career Guidance to Strengthen Student Career Planning

Collaborative Career Guidance Collaborative career guidance as a joint effort carried out between BK teachers/counselors and parents should be able to be implemented by implementing collaborative career guidance program management functions. This was stated by Gysbers & Henderson (in Dahir & Stone, 2012:303) which stated the need for planning, designing, implementing, and evaluating together with parents in the preparation of programs with guidance. collaborative career so that the goals that have been formulated together can be achieved successfully and precisely.

In addition to program management, BK teachers/counselors can provide direct services to parents, which is later expected to affect the implementation of the overall program that has been planned, which in turn has an impact on students' ability to plan the right career. The forms of direct services that can be provided by BK teachers/counselors are individual counseling, group guidance and counseling, consultation, and other activities such as workshops on topics that support program implementation, and other forms of activity.

Consultation as a direct service that can be done with parents is one of the important roles that can be carried out by professional school counselors. Consultation can be used as a bridge for communication gaps between adults that can directly impact the lives of children (Gibson, 2010:349).

Hall & Linn (1994) mention that in building a consulting relationship, there are four stages that must be passed, namely entry, diagnosis, process, and disengagement. With regard to the research theme, consultations can be carried out by discussing matters relating to children's career development, children's behavior at home, family values ​​that will be applied in the family, and other things that are needed as parents' efforts with BK teachers/counselors to work together. instilling family values ​​to strengthen students' career choices.

In addition to consultations, programs that can be carried out in direct service to parents are parental involvement programs. Various programs can involve parents aimed at achieving school programs in general and guidance and counseling programs in particular.

Harris & Coy (2010: 856) suggested several programs that could involve parental participation, namely:

  • Good news cards, which were printed on postcards with a list of school agendas. Counselors can encourage to write positive messages about students in their classrooms and their letters home to parents,
  • Parent/Student Switch Day where students are allowed out of the classroom for one day to switch places. volunteers at parents' workplaces while parents are responsible for students' daily schedules (with a few exceptions),
  • Newspapers/magazines (newsletters) that provide parents with information on various topics including homework strategies, reports on school agendas, teacher profiles, and parenting tips. In terms of career guidance, parents can be informed of matters relating to the child's career development, the role of parents in choosing a child's career, mistakes in education and career selection, and so on,
  • Teacher in the round, which is an opportunity for parents and teachers ( in this case BK teachers/Counselors) to meet face-to-face in person,
  • Parent classes held in schools and discussions focused on topics such as how to help students with their homework, parenting skills, drug education, and improvement of communication skills. In the field of career guidance, it can also be in the form of discussions regarding children's career development, helping children to make clear career plans, understanding the results of children's career assessments, and so on,
  • Visits to factories, carried out with parents so that parents also have an understanding of the jobs that are available. can be related to the conditions, interests, capacities, values ​​, and career choices of children.


Afdal, A., Suya, M., Syamsu, S., & Uman, U. (2014). Bimbingan karir kolaboratif dalam pemantapan perencanaan karir siswa SMA. Jurnal Konseling dan Pendidikan2(3), 1-7.

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