Purpose and Definition of Classroom Action Research for Teachers

journalpapers.org The school is a second home for teachers and students. If the school is like a house, then the class acts as a room. Class conditions play an important role in the fluency of the learning process. One of the successes of students in school is that you can see how the students are doing in the classroom.

If you find something that affects students and continues, you must immediately find a solution to the problem. So, one way to find problem-solving is to do classroom action research.

Definition of Classroom Action Research

Classroom action research is research conducted in the classroom using an action to improve the quality of the teaching and learning process in order to obtain better results than before. Classroom action research takes a long time because you must be able to implement actions and variables that have been designed to achieve the desired results.

This means that this kind of research cannot be completed in just 1-2 days. The results that you get through this CAR can be published in a scientific journal in the context of sustainable professional development (PKB)

Classroom Action Research Objectives

The objectives of the PTK are as follows.

  • Improve teacher teaching patterns.
  • Improve the behavior of students.
  • Improve and improve learning practices.
  • Changing the framework of teachers in teaching so that there is an increase in teacher professional services.

Benefits of Classroom Action Research

  • From the PTK that you do, the following benefits will be obtained.
  • Improve the quality and quality of learning in the classroom.
  • Developing teacher professionalism performance.
  • Train teachers to be reliable problem-solving.
  • Train teacher creativity.
  • Cultivate the teacher's self-confidence.
  • Improve the quality of a school institution.
  • Examples of Classroom Action Research

One of the successes of teachers in teaching their students can be seen through their values. The more students who can surpass the KKM, the greater the success rate of the teacher in teaching. This applies to all subjects. The examples of HTA are as follows.

For example, teacher A teaches Mathematics at SMP B grade VII, from the results of the assessment during the middle of the semester, the average score for Mathematics in class VII C is only 6.0. Meanwhile, the expected KKM is 7.5. Of the 30 students of class VIIC, only 5 children managed to get a score above 7.5.

From this condition, of course, there is a gap between hope and reality. As a teacher who teaches related subjects, teacher A cannot remain silent. Teacher A must take various actions to improve the Mathematics learning outcomes of class VIIC students. This action can take the form of the application of learning media such as visualization, games, props, and so on.

Classroom Action Research Proposal (PTK Proposal)

The difficulty teachers often experience before carrying out classroom action research is making a PTK proposal. In the proposal section, you will see the concept of CAR which will be developed in the research.

  • The parts of the HTA proposal are as follows.
  • The initial section consists of a cover page, approval sheet, preface, and table of contents.
  • The main part consists of an introduction, background, problem formulation and solution, research objectives and benefits, literature review, theoretical study, a study of relevant research results, hypothesis, research plan, research subjects, CAR procedures, and data collection and analysis.
  • The final part consists of a conclusion, a glossary (if any), a bibliography, and attachments.

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