Can the Teacher Position Be Said to be a Profession

Teacher Position Be Said to be a Profession After we get clarity about the criteria for a position to be said as a profession, let us examine more deeply about ourselves, can our position as teachers be categorized as a profession ...? In daily reality, we often hear that the position of teacher is a profession, right? To answer this question, let us consider whether each of the above criteria is owned by the teacher.

Special Education

In formal juridical terms, the position of teachers is indeed professional because teachers are seen and from the educational side, so a teacher or prospective teacher must study at an LPTK (Educational Personnel Education Institute) such as FKIP, STKIP, or higher education institution which has an expanded mandate to produce educators such as the State University of Malang (UM Malang), Jakarta State University (UNJ), etc.


Community Recognition

How do people recognize our teachers, have they given the recognition that teachers are a job that requires specialization in various matters related to abilities and whether they have given the recognition that our teachers have performed tasks that can provide satisfaction to those who leave their children at school? ..?

In some communities, recognition of the importance of teachers being held by teachers from teacher education is already being felt, but in others, it is still false. However, juridically, the recognition that a teacher's position as a professional position can be seen from the various regulations that require teacher certification and others as mentioned above, which essentially mention the teaching profession. 

With this explanation, you can conclude that teachers have met the second requirement of their professional criteria, namely public and government recognition. It seems that from the various existing regulations as we have mentioned above, the government explicitly and implicitly recognizes that teachers are a profession. This means that legally / juridically the position of a teacher in a position can be categorized as a profession.

However, de facto society has not fully acknowledged this. Why is that...? There are several reasons for the lack of public recognition of the teaching profession, namely:

  • The community has not been able to see the impact of unique services due to the work of teachers in a short time, for example, if a doctor does the wrong treatment, the patient dies, football players who are wrong in guarding their area will concede and lose the match. However, the educational process will take a long time to see its impact. Errors in the educational process will be seen in 20 to 25 years.
  • Among the teachers themselves, they have not been able to show their commitment and dedication as teachers who fully appreciate and carry out the demands of their profession. As a result, everyone who feels he knows something claims to be a teacher. In this case, there is a dwarfing of the understanding of the nature of the teacher which is considered only to convey knowledge to students.
  • The low requirements that are fulfilled by prospective teachers cause the quality of teachers to be still low, this is one of the factors that contribute to the improper recognition of the teaching profession itself.

According to Government Recognition in Indonesian

 The government specifically defines the teaching profession as a professional job as stipulated in the Teacher and Lecturer Law (UUGD) Number 14 of 2005, Article 1 paragraph 1 states that are professional and trained educators ... furthermore, in Article 6 it states that professionals work or activities carried out by a teacher become a source of life-long income that requires sufficient and quality skills, skills or proficiency and upholds values ​​and norms and requires professional education.

Professional Code of Ethics Code of ethics for the teaching profession.

What is meant by the position code of ethics is a provision that regulates the behavior of a person related to the profession that is expected by society and the state. As described above, the teaching position is a professional position that has a code of ethics that guides and are adhered to by all members of the profession. Further discussion of what is regulated in the teacher's code of ethics will be studied in learning activities III.

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